Knitwear design with a cozy elegance

Hello, my name is Gabrielle Vézina, and I’m a knitting pattern designer.


About my knitting patterns

I create stress-free knitting patterns that every knitter can enjoy, from the beginner who wants to learn new techniques, to the advanced knitter who don’t want to be bored.  My designs are everyday wearable with their actual or timeless style, providing instant satisfaction and proudness to the knitter.

My knitting patterns are published in magazines, books and websites, in collaboration with yarn businesses of all kind, or are self-published on Ravelry.  You can see my complete catalogue on my designer page on Ravelry.

My priority is to provide error-free, concise and well explained patterns in a professional layout.  To do so, all my patterns are test-knitted and tech-edited by a wonderful team of knitters of all levels.  Everyone is welcome, so feel free to apply in my Ravelry Group.

If you ever find a mistake in a pattern (because, nevertheless, it happens!), or if you need help with a pattern, make sure to let me know by writing to me (my email address is at the bottom of all patterns) or by posting in my Ravelry Group (look for the thread called Pattern Support).  I am always happy to help – really, I am, so don’t be shy.

About me

I’m a French speaking lady living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.  I have an an overwhelming passion for knitting and creating simple and colorful lines.

I’m also working as a freelance Web Developer, you can see my work at  I’ve been a front-end developer since 2004, and freelancing allows me to work with all kind of clients.  These days, my favorites are all about cultural movies, climatic changes and mindfulness communities.

I am very passionate, working non-stop on my two businesses, but if sometimes I stop, it’s to go to the dog park with Alie, my black and tan Labrador, or two pet Zazie and Zora, my two rescued cats.  They are a big part of my life, along with my husband Robert and my friends and family.  I am so lucky to have so many lovely, brilliant and caring people around me ♥



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