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Fox Tails Shawl

I have new pattern out today. YAY! It's not easy, designing, when you're moming 24/7, but I did it! And, you know I'm not one to brag much, but I am so happy with this design, it is one of my all time favorite <3 Fox Tails Shawl This 3-color, asymmetrical triangular shawl is an addictive and beginner friendly knitting adventure! With stripes of garter stitch, a simple color layout and a surprisingly easy lace pattern resembling fox tails, you'll want to knit just one more row, and just one more row again. Get it on Ravelry For the little story, I started knitting my shawl just 5 days before being induced, and I finished it when my baby was 2 months old. My delivery took 40 hours, and I sure knit a few rows of it between two contractions. I also knit it while nursing, rocking and holding the baby while she was sleeping. I hope that wearing this shawl will remind me of these precious moments for many years to come, and I hope knitting it will bring you joy and serenity. I hope you're having a beautiful spring with plenty of knitting time. [gallery ids="2055,2056,2057,2058,2060,2061,2062,2063,2064"]abc

Betty’s Blanket

Élizabeth, my baby girl, came to the world on December 18, after an endless delivery (40 hours of active labor!) but overall uneventful. She was weighing 6 lbs 1 oz, measuring 19" and she was and still is in perfect health.  Since then, she is at the heart of my little happy and loving universe.  I do miss my knitting community a lot, and I also miss designing and even knitting.  Time is flying so fast and my days are busy like they have never been before, my nights are sleepless, my house is messy but my heart is filled with so much love!  I knew what was coming, but I never could really imagine how much of a loving mama bear I would become. Nothing matters to me anymore, except for those big blue eyes that are looking at me like I am her whole world, and so she is mine. Today, I'm releasing a pattern that I call Betty's Blanket. It's a very sentimental pattern for me as I knit this blanket while pregnant with my little love. I finished knitting it just a few days before she was born and she's now spending her first winter wrapped up in it. The pattern is meant to be warm, cuddly and colorful. My sample required 5 colors of DK weight yarn but it can easily be modified to use more or less colors. For example, you could use one main color and a different color for each row of bubbles, making a great use for all those leftover yarns from other projects. You will find the pattern at r   [gallery link="file" ids="2048,2049,2034,2033,2032,2030" orderby="rand"]abc

Cupcake Shawl

in collaboration with Lolo Did It Cupcake Shawl is a two colors crescent shawl, meant to be knit with a variegated yarn and a contrasting solid or semi-solid color. Its size is fully adaptable and the lace top and border are gorgeous and fun to knit. The pictured shawl was made using Lolo Did It Everyday Socks in the colorways Pretty Young Thing and Blue Tourmaline. It was very exciting to collaborate with Lauren on this project, she's lovely and so is her yarn! I enjoyed knitting with her yarn so much that I just couldn't resist ordering a second set to knit a second Cupcake Shawl...! [gallery link="file" ids="1976,1977,1978,1979,1980,1981"]abc

Rainy Night Shawl

Lately, I've been extra tired, sick and not so well in general and I've been seeing myself doing only the bare minimum. I worked just enough to fill my clients' requests and I posted some pictures on Instagram but not as many as I'm used to. I haven't even been able to knit much! But don't worry for me, the truth is that I'm actually doing very well despites those little health problems and that my energy is slowly coming back. I have many projects coming soon, all more awesome than the others, including a few very thrilling collaborations! Stay tuned! And today, I'm releasing a new pattern, YAY! This is one of those awesome collaborations! Rainy Night Shawl pattern was made using Red Umbrella Yarns Champ de Mars in the colorway Storm Cloud, big thanks to Megan who generously offered me a skein of her lovely yarn to create a pattern. Champ de Mars is a soft and sturdy fingering weight and it was so perfectly hand-dyed. It was a charm to work with this yarn! It inspired me a delicate shawl pattern, with a body featuring a leafy stitch pattern and a lacy border reminding raindrops. It's worked top-down and ends with a i-cord bind-off for an easy wearing. It is fully adaptable as the charts can be repeated as many times as desired, making it the perfect choice for any yarn and yardage. The pattern is now available on Ravelry if you want to take a look at it! Talk to you very soon! [gallery link="file" ids="1901,1904,1903,1902"]abc

Inglenook Shawl & Yarnbox collaboration

I am happy to be the designer of April's Classic Yarnbox! I must say Yarnbox is one of my favorite businesses in the yarn industry and I was thrilled to collaborate with them on this project. They are awesome. Inglenook Shawl was made using Kollage Yarns Happiness DK in the colorway Lapis.  I loved working with this yarn, it is squishy and soft and everything I like.  I used an interesting textural stitch pattern for the body of the shawl, followed by a simple garter stitch border and ending with a picot binding. I love DK weight shawls because they are so warm and enveloping, but I made sure the pattern was fully adaptable so you can use any weight and any yardage.  As of today, the pattern is available on Ravelry!  ...and it's 20% off for a limited time with coupon code ShawlKAL2016 [gallery ids="1872,1873,1874,1875"]abc

Blueberry Fields Cardigan or the story of a gift

I've got a promotion running! You go to my Facebook page, you like it if you're enclined to, you go scavenging on the page just a bit, you find the code, you add the pattern to your cart on Ravelry, enter the code and you'll get it free. I'm nice like that! :-) What's not that nice is that I've seen many comments in threads on Ravelry where people are offend by the sale because it's for Facebook fans "only" and people spreading the code around. It's not cool! My little game is quite simple and in the end you're sure to get the gift, having liked the page or not. If you want to thank me back, you can like the page. I promise I won't spam (except with some fibres related content once or twice a week), I'll make other promotions like this one, I'll let you know about my patterns. And if you don't like what I post, you can unlike the page at anytime. I keep telling myself to stay zen and that haters will hate... Many many many people wrote kind words, some took the time to write a few paragraphs to tell me WONDERFUL messages that cheered me up like they will never know. And I already got 700 more likes on my Facebook page which is A LOT more than what I expected. A million thanks to these people. In this US Thanksgiving weekend (we've had ours weeks ago here in Canada), I'm extremely thankful for the success this pattern and promotion are getting and I'm quite anxious to see how it will turn out on your


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