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Thrumming! Making thrums with wool roving and knitting with thrums

I just finished knitting some very warm mittens!  They are made in Fair Isle, with a double layer ribbing at wrist and they are filled with thrums made of wool roving.  They are called the Icy Trails Mittens and the pattern is available on Ravelry if you like them! icy-trails-mitts-8 I love thrummed projects. They are easy to make, soft, and create a very warm fabric. This is one of my favorite ways of getting my knit accessories to another level of warmth! To share this awesome technique with you, here's a little tutorial on how to make thrums with wool roving. How to make thrums First, take some roving.  You can get some in any color you fancy from brick and mortars or online shops.  You can also dye your own!  The roving I use for this tutorial comes from  KnitPicks. How to make thrums Take out a strand of roving.  You should never have to cut the wool.  By softly pulling in the fiber direction, you'll get tinier bits.  It doesn't need to be a precise lenght or thickness, but I like using roving strands of about 6" long by 1/2" wide.  You can experience to find your favorite size. How to make thrums Hold the middle of the strand of roving between your thumb and index and roll it between your fingers, so the middle part becomes slimmer and harder. How to make thrums Wrap one end of the strand around your index and hold it between your middle finger and thumb. How to make thrums Then, wrap the other end around your middle finger and with your other hand, hold the part that's between your fingers. How to make thrums Get all the tiny strands that are poping out into the middle part by rubbing and rolling it between your fingers. How to make thrums Keep on rubbing the midddle part until it becomes dense enough so you are confident it won't loose out.  This part is the one that will go on the needle so it will be easier to knit if it looks and feel like yarn! Then... the knitting part! How to make thrums Get to the stitch where you want to add a thrum.  Wrap your yarn around the needle and place the thrumb of the left side of the yarn, around the needle. How to make thrums When you release the stitch, you'll have a strand of yarn immediately followed by a thrum on your right needle. How to make thrums On the next row, when you get to the thrum, you will knit together the thrum and the yarn. If you're working in the round, the yarn will be first on the needle and the thrum will be next. If you're working in rows, the thrum will be first and the yarn will be next (pictured). How to make thrums The thrum will hang on the wrong side of the knitting.  Pull on the loops to secure them, making sure both loops are hanging on the wrong side. Et voilà!  You made it! How to make thrumsHow to make thrumsabc

Jogless stripes in the round

I love stripes. It's probably the easiest way to create colorful knits. But when knitting a striped piece worked in the round - such as hats, mittens or stuffed animals - a jog will appear at the begining of each color change. There's a very simple method to avoid this jog and to create nearly invisible color changes. Let me show you how to do it! On the pictures, I'm working with two colors but you can use the same method for any number of colors. Based on the instructions, my beige yarn is color A and my red yarn is color B. 1- With color A, work as many rounds as instructed in the pattern. jogless stripes in the round 2- Switch to color B, and work one full round. jogless stripes in the round 3- Use the right needle to lift the first stitch of the last round made with color A onto left needle. jogless stripes in the round 4- Knit lifted stitch (color A) and first stitch of round (color B) together. jogless stripes in the round Et voilà! Easy and nearly invisible! jogless stripes in the round   [caption id="attachment_1226" align="alignnone" width="512"]cinnamon bun hat The pictures are from my latest pattern, Cinnamon Bun Hat. The pattern for matching fingerless mittens is also available.[/caption]   Cinnamon Bun Hat pattern Cinnamon Bun Fingerless Mittens Pattern abc

Endless winter: how to knit the warmest hat

March the 30th, I wake up and see, on the other side of my window, 4 more inches of snow! This winter seems to never has an end. This year in Quebec, we beat a cold record established in 1993-1994. I love winter but now I'm dreaming of my lighter coat and walking boots. I can't wait to store my King Cowl and my yellow Red Riding Hat far far away... [caption id="attachment_823" align="aligncenter" width="390"]hiver Ultimate clothing to live through this terrible winter.[/caption] Despite my desires, cold is here to stay and as you can see on this pictures, I can't keep my head warm without wearing a hat, earwarmers and a hood. I'd love to trade the three of them for a very warm hat. This is my goal. My ultimate goal. My reason to live... until springy weather! Pursuing my goal, I created a new design called the Crocus Hat - hopefully this name will give Mother Nature the idea of growing flowers.  This hat is made in Fair Isle, resulting on a very thick fabric. Furthermore, the ribbing is lined with a second layer of ribbing. Let me show you how to do it! [caption id="attachment_817" align="aligncenter" width="512"]crocustuto 1 First of all, you must do a provisional cast-on (green on the picture), then knit 2 rounds with the main color, 22 rounds with the lining color and 24 more rounds with the main color.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_818" align="aligncenter" width="512"]crocustuto 2 Then you fold the lining inside the main color ribbing...[/caption] [caption id="attachment_819" align="aligncenter" width="512"]crocustuto 3 ...and you undo the provisional cast-on.  You must carefully slip the freed stitches on a second circular needle.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_820" align="aligncenter" width="512"]crocustuto 4 The lining will end up inside the ribbing and transition between both colors is made softly.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_821" align="aligncenter" width="640"]crocustuto 5 We'll need only one layer for the main part of the hat.  To do so, the first round of this part is done by knitting together one stitch from each circular needle.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_822" align="aligncenter" width="640"]crocustuto 6 You must pass the right needle through a stitch from the needle that holds the external layer and through a stitch from the needle that holds the lining, then you pass the yarn through both stitches.  TA-DA!  Only one stitch remains on the right needle.  From now on, you simply follow the instructions from the pattern as if you always had only one layer.  But secretly, you have a very warm hat.[/caption] This is a great method to get lined ribbing without having to fold it every time you wear the hat.  The look is neat but your ears will know the ribbing is here for them! You can get the whole pattern on Ravelry!abc


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